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Originally from Port Macquarie, NSW; at the age of 11, Lincoln Hilton picked up his pipes and since then hasn't put them down. Lincoln now runs one of Australia's most extensive piping programs at Haileybury College alongside Modern Piping. He has brought together an international team of world-class piping composers who bring new music and inspiration to our global bagpipe community across 33 countries.

Modern Piping was founded in 2017, by husband and wife team, Lincoln and Heather Hilton. Between Lincoln's musical expertise and Heather's marketing and design, Modern Piping quickly took ground and partnerships began with our composers. What started as a collaborative idea in the living room on a whiteboard has turned into an international collective platform for exciting new bagpipe music.

Modern Piping volumes are the longest-running series of bagpipe books in history with over 1,000 pages of published music. Publishing over 20 books in the first 3.5 years, including the release of our Secrets of Piping series, we have also launched complementary modernised bagpipe products. Our ranges include new and free bagpipe sheet music, bagpipe tools and the best bagpipe chanter case.

Our bagpipe books are full of NEW tunes from top composers of our time, bagpipe composing tutorials and more! Books can be purchased from our website or delivered to your door every 2 months with a subscription.

We aim to inspire and push the boundaries of pipes while remembering the foundation of tradition.

You don't need to be the Pipe Major of a Grade 1 band or the friend of one of the world's most famous composers to get the freshest and most current material. All you need is to become part of the Modern Piping community!


“Lincoln Hilton of Melbourne, Australia, has emerged as one of the world’s most innovative pipers. Early on, he recognized and harnessed the potential of the Internet to bring his compositions to a global piping and drumming audience. His Modern Piping business works to bring fellow composers together, and his YouTube channel provides a platform for debut performances, many of the videos garnering tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of views.“

Andrew Bertoff (Pipes Drums)